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Ponytail Extension Human Hair Wrap Around Clip in Hair Piece Medium Brown #4 Straight Pony tails Hair with Magic Paste for Women

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Price: $ 199.99
Discount Price: $ 139.99

High Quality Real Human Hair

Blends Well With Your Own Hair

Stylish For Multiple Occasions

Natural Realistic Stylish Beautiful

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Why Chose Straight Ponytail Extension Human Hair

The Straight Ponytail Hair Extensions are Natural and Realistic, Stylish and Beautiful, And The Wrap Around Hair Makes The Ponytail Look More Natural.

The Human Hair Ponytail can be Washed and Dyed Like Your Own Hair. And It's No Special Smell, Not Easy to Tangle. But The Ponytail is Handmade. It is Normal to have a Slight Shedding, Especially When Wearing It for The First Time. We Do Our Best to Reduce Hair Loss.

Ponytail Extensions are Perfect for Transforming Second Day Hair, Suitable for Women with Thin or Short Hair. Stylish for Any Occasion, Such as Halloween, Dating, Weddings, Party, Birthday, Christmas and Other Occasions.

Ponytail Comes With One Piece Clip to Secure The Ponytail Without Hurting The Hair,It is Stable and Prevents The Ponytail from Accidentally Falling Out.You Can Consider Our Wearing Pictures. It Will Make Your Ponytail Stronger.

When You Receiving Our Ponytail Extensions, PlsTake It Out and Shake Around, Comb with a Wide-Toothed Comb. It Will Become Fluffy. We Recommend Brushing It With a Wide Tooth Comb After Every Wear to Keep It Looking Natural.

Straight Ponytail Extension Human Hair Details



Hair Color

#4 Medium Brown

Hair Material

100% Remy Human Hair


Straight Ponytail Extension Human Hair


Long Straight Hair Ponytail


Silky Straight, Soft and Thick from Top to End


6-12 Months With Good Care


Can be dyed, bleached, curled and restyled as you like


Weddings, Parties, Birthdays, Meeting, Shopping, Daily Wear, etc.

Straight Ponytail Extension Human Hair Applications

Casual Gatherings: A relaxed ponytail extension can be a casual yet chic option for gatherings with friends or family.

Traveling: Opting for a ponytail while traveling can be convenient as it's easy to maintain and keeps your hair looking put together.

It's a versatile hairstyle that can withstand long flights, road trips, or outdoor activities without requiring frequent touch-ups.

By incorporating ponytail human hair extensions into these different scenarios, you can achieve a stylish and effortless look that suits various occasions.

About Straight Ponytail Extension Styling

Our ponytail extensions can be curled, straightened, trimmed, washed like your own hair.

It could be dyed to darker colors by professional dying process. Always take one piece for testing before dying all the hair.

Temperature is better below 356F/180℃ for a short time. Tie the hair around the curler stick.

How to Make Straight Ponytail Extension Stronger

The direction of insertion is along the direction of the ponytail, rather than vertical insertion.

The ponytail extension must be tightly attached to the root of your own hair bundle, otherwise it will easily cause the ponytail to fall off.

The entangled hair should be tightly and neatly gathered at the root of ponytail, and should not be too loose.


Q1: Is It 100% Real Human Hair?

A: Yes, It Is, And if you do the test, you will find that the human hair in the burning will appear white smoke, and will become ashes; Artificial hair burns to create black smoke and turns into a sticky ball.

Q2: How Long Does It Last?

A: It Depends on Your Maintenance. Treat This Ponytail Like Your Own Hair with Proper Care Regularly, It Usually Lasts For About a Year.

Q3: How does the ponytail extension secure?

A: Ponytail extension comes with a small comb, which slides underneath your hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. There is also a magic tie base, which adheres together to secure the ponytail. Finally, a long strand of hair is wrapped around the base with 2 bobby pins to secure in place.


One To One Service

ISWEET focus on the production of human Hair. We are committed to delivering the finest products to meet all your needs.
ISWEET focus on the production of human Hair. We are committed to delivering the finest products to meet all your needs.



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